How much money can you make doing surveys?


Typically, you can expect to make between $100-200 a month doing online surveys if you get the opportunities to get a good payout for the time that you put into doing the survey.

It might not sound like that much. But it does add up over 12 months.

This could see you earn an extra $1200-2400 a year.

This could pay for:

Entertainment equipment

  • A holiday
  • Expenses
  • Gifts
  • More!

One of the first ways I got into making money online was by doing online surveys. It wasn’t the easiest way to make money, but it was an easy way to break the barrier for making an income on the internet.

On my other site, I published a post describing my experience with doing web surveys.

Make money travelling with online surveys.

What are some of the surveys that you should consider doing to make some money?

U.S Survey Sites


One of the most trusted, but also one that pays the least. Is worth doing in your free or idle time.




Quick Thoughts App

User Interviews



Pinecone Research


Australian Survey sites

Opinion World

You complete surveys to earn points, then use those points for $10 AUD PayPal vouchers or iTunes vouchers.

User Testing

User Testing will pay $10 per complete test if you do it well. It will record your screen and you will need to voice your feedback as you do the test.

Farron Research

Pays well for surveys. Typically around $100 They’re in person in the city, pays around $100, but can even go up to $350 for one session. It will be good money if you can qualify for a survey.

Useful resources

Proof of payments

I will continue adding to this list so that you can have easy and more enjoyable ways to make money.

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