Make money with Airtasker jobs.

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One of the ways I started to earn money through the internet was by finding jobs or tasks that I could take on through Airtasker.

Airtasker is a site that primarily has an Australian audience. People using the site post up tasks or jobs and the budget that they are willing to pay to get the job done.

The amount of money that gets paid tends to be at the lower end of the market and you can find yourself being underpaid for a job. However, I do think it is good practice to identify buyer niches.

There are jobs that require your physical presence and there are jobs that can be done remotely. On the platform, you have the option to select ‘remote jobs’ so that you can filter them by choice.

What are some things that you need to be aware of when finding Airtasker jobs?

You must know how to pitch.

There tends to be quite alot of people that pitch for jobs on the platform and you need to stand out and let the job poster recognise an offer that they cannot refuse.

This means you must know how to pitch the product or service that you are offering.

In the job posts, they will typically describe exactly what they are after along with the price that they are willing to pay for. All you have to do is deliver what they are expecting.

Airtasker job example
Airtasker job example
Example of a successful pitch on Airtasker

You must know how to demonstrate value.

You must know how to demonstrate value and create additional value through urgency when pitching on Airtasker.

This will prompt the job poster to contact and even select you for the job on offer.

I strongly recommend that you buy and follow the sales writing framework in The Ultimate Sales Letter.

You must know how to find your niche.

Being more niche will allow you to charge a higher price on the platform for the task or service that you will provide. If you dilute your offering, you will end up accepting lower prices for the work that you will be conducting.

Look for non-competitive opportunities.

You don’t want your bid to get lost in a sea of applications. Prioritise bids by those with the least amount of competition so that you can increase your chances for people to respond to your application.

Apply for jobs that have the potential to pay you what you are worth?

There’s alot of low-paying jobs. However, you want to earn well, you need to find well paying jobs.

You will either make alot of money based on high volume or higher pay. If you can get more pay, you can do less volume.

Airtasker completed job example

How should you get started?

Visit Airtasker and browse the available tasks. Make a list of the tasks with their locations, payment offerings, and skillsets. Then see if it is something that you can deliver.

Click here to get started on Airtasker.

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